Phoenix has 4 scheduled Bulk Trash Pick-up dates for every location within the city.
To find the scheduled pick-up dates for your location, type in your address below

The City of Phoenix Public Works Department performs Bulk Trash Pick-up services for every city block four times a year. The scheduled dates may change due to pressing cleaning priorities such as excess debris clean-up from inclement weather or falling behind the pick-up schedule due to mechanical failures. If the Public Works Department falls behind schedule, the City will make every effort to catch up to the pre-determined dates. In general terms, street sweeping will occur approximately 5 - 12 days behind the Bulk Trash Pick-up. So if you know the Bulk Trash Pick-up date, street sweeping should occur sometime within the next 2 weeks

For more information on the City of Phoenix Public Works Department Street Sweeping and Bulk Trash Pick-up Program