Overview Of Program

The City of Phoenix has implemented the Bulk Trash Pick-up and Street Sweeping Program for the city to ensure residents have the opportunity to keep their neighborhoods and properties cleaned and debris free throughout the year. Phoenix has segmented the city into 4 different sections, each with 13 different sub-sections. Each sub-section is assigned 4 different dates throughout the year to be subject to Bulk Trash Pick-up and subsequent street sweeping. To easily find the 2015 scheduled dates, use the Bulk Trash Pick-up Map & Street Sweeping Map links above. Please note that all dates presented are the Public Works Department `estimated' Pick-up / Sweeping dates. To find out if the City is behind schedule on the Bulk Trash Pick or Street Sweeping, call the Public Works Department at 602-253-8796. For more information on street sweeping operations call 602-262-7194.

Bulk Trash Pick-Up

On Bulk Trash Pick-up dates, all trash should be neatly stacked at least 5 feet away from any kind of objects such as poles, utility boxes, mail boxes, vehicles, etc. There is both street collection (with or without sidewalks) and alley collection locations, depending on your property. The City specifically states to not put any bulk trash on sidewalks.

Street Sweeping

During the week that your area is scheduled for street cleaning, Phoenix has the following directions for residents:

Other Sweeping Services